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Furniture restoration throughout Hertfordshire

All the wooden furniture in your home can be restored to its original beauty. We have 35 years' experience in removing dents, scratches, water and heat marks from our clients' furniture throughout Hertfordshire and Barnet. No matter how intricate your antique furniture we are happy to restore it to its original beauty with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Whether you need your tables, chairs, sideboards, doors, staircases, panelling or a piano restoring, we can help. They don't make furniture like they used to, so let us maintain yours for you so you can keep hold of something precious and beautiful.

Don't let the good things go to waste

We undertake all aspects of restoration and refurbishment of wooden furniture, fixtures and fittings for both antique and modern items. We can work on almost any problem from the removal of minor scratches and dents to a complete colour change to match other items within your house.

Our furniture repair and restoration service includes:

  • Removal of scratches and dents
  • Stripping back and re-polishing of different veneers and  wood
  • Complete colour changes
  • and much, much more 
Contact us today to arrange a consultation and quote.

Do you have beautiful furniture that is damaged or tired looking? 






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