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Professional French Polishing services throughout Hertfordshire

G. V. Sutton based in Hatfield, have been providing expert French Polishing services to domestic and commercial clients for over 35 years'. We take immense pride in our work and in the many, many happy customers we've served over the years. 
We can restore your furniture or wooden fixtures and fittings and match to existing pieces, if required, We don't just work on antique furniture either, we can also restore contemporary pieces and new installations.

Bring back the natural beauty of your wood

We undertake all aspects of restoring and refurbishing wooden furniture, fixtures and fittings for both antique and modern. We restore tables, chairs, sideboards, doors, staircases, boardroom tables, panelling and pianos. Sometimes all that is required is a good clean and re-polish. However, for a complete renovation or change of colour, we will strip the wood back to the natural timber, stain it to a colour of your choice, or just leave it natural and polish it to the required finish using traditional hand-polishing techniques.

How does French polishing improve the look of your item?

  • It removes dents and scratches
  • It removes water and heat marks
  • It will restore the beauty of the wood
  • It will prolong the life of your furniture, fixtures and fittings

Make the most of your home in Hertfordshire today with French polishing by G.V. Sutton






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